Ostrich Village

Thank you very much for your interest of our farm.

We are welcome everybody who wants to visit our ostrich farm.
You can see three ostrich species in our farm: black, blue and red. Through the dirt trails and wooded enchanted explorers can meet prince Charles ostrich who thinks he is a person and his lovely Merry, our Madonna and Lady Gaga have a new boyfriend Filipe and you can meet a sweet family of four birds with leader Pier and his favorite wife Natalie. Our 10 teenagers will make you smile and you can feed them.
This bird may seem sweet, but he knows how to defend himself when he is felled by a lion: he can kill him with one swipe!
We provide a way for you to be up close and personal with these big birds and safe at the same time.
Ostrich Land is fun for the whole family. We welcome groups and request that you call ahead to reserve the time. Our education center will provide an interesting leaning program for you and your kids. Our friendly tour guides will answer all the questions you have about these amazing animals.
If you will feel cold and tired after tour we can offer a hot coffee and tea in our family coffee-store.

Welcome to Ostrich Land! We will be happy to see you!